Golden Sananga 5 ml (Yawanawa)



Golden Sananga 5 ml (Yawanawa)


Yawanawá Golden Sananga is a very potent Sananga offering and is best for those with experience and who are looking for a stronger experience. Our tribal friends in the Yawanawá tribe extract the juice of the stem and root of the Tabernaemontana sananho plant to prepare this wonderfully healing Sananga eye drop.
Many people who use Sananga eye drops over the long-term report quality of mind previously unknown to them, with increased perception and intuition, leading to greater access to spiritual insights. One could say that Sananga supports a more precise, more profound relationship with the higher self.
Please only purchase our Sananga if you already have a relationship with this medicine and know how to use it. It does not come with instructions and is not for the uninitiated!

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**Our Golden Sananga is available to be ordered at any time, however, we will only place an order for fresh Sananga On the last day of each month. When we receive it we will distribute it immediately via express post. This may transpire to minor delays for some people. Please be organised and order your medicine in advance as we will not alter our policy and put the integrity of the medicine in question.**