Mapacho is considered one of the master teacher plants on Mother earth. In traditions around the world, its smoke is used as a way to clear, protect and carry intention.
The Amazonian Mapacho is a stronger version of the varieties we normally encounter in the west. It is strong and direct and has powerful healing qualities offering deep cleansing, grounding and clarity to the individual. Traditionally, the smoke is not inhaled into the lungs as it is very strong.
Mapacho is known to cleanse the body of toxins and negative energy, and it communicates to us via our intuition and dream space.
When we open an intentional relationship with Mapacho and connect with the plant’s spirit.
Please only purchase if you already have a relationship with this medicine and know how to use it. It does not come with instructions and is not for the uninitiated!

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12 x Large Rolled (20grams), 20 x Small Rolled (20grams), Loose Leaf (20grams)