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Rapéh Collection


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Variety Descriptions

Kuntanawa • Mother

Mother rapéh is made by the Kuntanawa tribe of Brazil and connects us with the spirit of the Mother

The Kuntanawa respectfully collect the vine from their local environment to create this special rapéh.  In their words, “The Mother is a medicinal and spiritual plant that connects us with our ancestry, it takes us to the spiritual world and reminds us of what we are truly are.”

Mother rapéh is made under the supervision of the tribal leaders and sent directly to us.

Yawanawá • Mugwort

Mugwort rapéh is a mystical preparation and like the herb, it has been used since ancient times.  Mugwort rapéh has countless medicinal properties and is therefore considered sacred in many tribal cultures.  The Orientals called Mugwort the Herb of Life or The Goddess of Plants. 

Some of the known benefits can include: lucid dreaming and astral projection, helps with clairvoyance, meditative trance and vision.

This rapéh is lovingly made for us by the Yawanawá tribe of Acre, Brazil.

Yawanawá • Força Feminina

Força Feminina rapéh is considered for creating force of thought (spells) and magic. It is made by just a few women of the Yawanawá usually with consideration of the full moon. Força Feminina is produced under the influence of the Mother spirit and therefore carries a great connection to the divine. It is a little-produced magic rapéh and therefore quite rare, in addition to its mystical powers, it expresses the fragrant notes of Star Anise, Cinnamon, Tsunu and Aroeira seeds. Força Feminina rapéh carries a very strong energy and therefore it is best to work with it ceremonially.

This fragrant rapéh with subtle overtones of Eucalyptus is lovingly made for us by the Yawanawá tribe of Acre, Brazil.

Yawanawá • Menta

The Yawanawá inform us that Menta rapéh has mild sedative properties which act on the nervous system, helping relaxation and lowering mental tension.  Menta (mint) supports a feeling of relaxation and restfulness.  The natural menthol of the mint is both invigorating and refreshing.

This rapéh is lovingly made for us by the Yawanawá tribe of Acre, Brazil.


  • The Ancient Art of Rapeh

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Kuntanawa • Mother (8 grams), Yawanawá • Força Feminina (8 grams), Yawanawá • Menta (8 grams), Yawanawá • Mugwort (8 grams)