Sarah Singing Raven

Singing Raven is the name given to Sarah by her Elders in North America. She carries this name in her professional life to celebrate the deep wisdom and power of the sacred within all of us and within everything.

Born in England, Sarah now lives in Byron Bay, Australia, and has travelled the world for many years on an ever-deepening quest to understand WTF is going on, and where our Remedy lies. On her journey through many wise and beautiful lands, she was blessed to spend seven years learning from indigenous medicine people in North America, undergoing the vigorous rites of passage connected to this path. This includes Vision Quest, Sweatlodge, Sacred pipe, Sundance and healing practices from the Amazon.

Sarah has also spent 2 years working with 11 indigenous communities in NSW.

In her enquiry into shamanic consciousness and the nature of deep change, she trained as an NLP practitioner and hypnotist and is co-founder of the Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic, Sydney.

As an initiated medicine woman, Sarah has been leading transformational ceremonies and workshops internationally since 1997.

Her work is known for being full of vitality, open-heartedness and the power to transform.

She brings to her work the integrity, humour, and love essential to these traditions.

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